Dos and Don’ts for Safe Grinding

DOs for Grinding Wheel Safety ✓

  • Check all wheels for Cracks or Damage before mounting.
  • Make sure the operating speed of the Machine does not exceed the rated wheel speed.
  • Always handle and store wheels in a careful manner.
  • Ensure wheel hole fits machine arbor properly and the flanges are clean, flat and the proper type and size for the wheel you are mounting.
  • Always run wheel in a protected area at least one minute before grinding.
  • Use wheel guard furnished with machine.
  • Always wear protective safety glasses or proper face shield.

DON’Ts for Grinding Wheel Safety ✕

  • Don’t use wheels which have been dropped or otherwise damaged.
  • Don’t use excessive pressure when mounting wheel between flanges. Tighten nut only enough to hold wheel firmly.
  • Don’t use a grinding wheel that has a rated speed less than the speed of the grinder.
  • Don’t handle machine carelessly. Racks or hooks should be used to support machine when not in use.
  • Don’t use heavy side grinding pressure on any Type 1 (flat sided) wheel.
  • Don’t mount more than one wheel on a single arbor.
  • Don’t use a machine for an inappropriate application.
  • Don’t use a machine without proper safety guard mounted securely in place.
  • Don’t directly touch a rotating grinding wheel with any part of your body.
  • Don’t stand in front of the grinding wheel direction of rotation during test operation.
  • Don’t place the grinder onto a table, floor, work piece or other surface before the grinding wheel has fully stopped while working with a portable grinder.